Another year goes by...

Subject: Another year goes by...

Last week I had a birthday... or was it the week before? I turned 71, I think. I have in the past, gone nearly the whole year before realizing I was a year off. 

When a person is a kid your age is locked in your head. Someone is constantly asking how old you are. At first it is a test of one’s intelligence, “How old are you? Four? Oh you are big for your age young man”.

Then a few years later you are told to act your age! We sure don’t get told that much anymore. 

Do you  remember how long it took for a year to go by when you were a kid? We thought we never would graduate.

Then we got married and kids came along and years began to fly by. Middle age was a memory not a goal. Then grand kids and great grand kids, time was flying!

Then things slowed down, not time... just our movements. 

Time itself is constant, clocks move at a steady rate. Our perception of time changes. 

Life is a precious gift. So many events good and bad make up our lives and what we really are left with are memories. 

The cemetery shows everyone’s life the same, a dash (-) between the birth date and death date!