Christmas As I Remember It???

Sometimes our minds play beautiful tricks on us...

The Christmas Story (as I remember it)?

I do have a picture in my mind of the the horses with long, freshly groomed tails and manes, long combed hair above each of their polished hoofs.  
The sled is actually a beautifully stained ride with glitter shining in the bright sunlight. 
Our clothing is bright red and perfect for the season. 
The harnesses are freshly oiled and the smell of leather is in the air. A row of tinkling bells line the headgear of each of the two horses. 
We are singing “White Christmas” in perfect 4 part harmony. 
The snow is crunching under the horses feet. 
As Dad cuts the perfect tree the aroma  of pine permeates the air. 
All is well on the prairie!